Graduated in Medicine, she has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over two decades in leadership positions – both in business and in HR.

Klara has vast experience with multinational companies of different size, profile and culture.

Working for Novo Nordisk for 12 years besides the Country Manager position she also held the one of the HR manager, building the company from 12 to 40 headcount.

In the leadership team of Pfizer she supported recruitment, participated in several AC/DC.

Klara established and built the Hungarian affiliate of Cipla single-handedly.

Also worked as recruitment consultant for HaRp.

She considers

“The People Are The Company”

motto the being the key of her success.

Understanding the real needs of the companies, with her in-depth knowledge of their operations, having invaluable network in the Industry she offers the expertise required to find and attract the right employee for the right position.