We strive to support our client and candidates alike to fulfil their dreams.

Ikelos (Ικελος) was a Greek god: the son of Somnus, and brother of Morpheus, was believed to shape the dreams which came true..

Ikelos is the symbol of fulfilled dreams representing the philosophy and the goals of our company. We strive to support our client and candidates alike to fulfil their dreams.

The story of Ikelosz

Since 2010 we have passionately been searching candidates fitting best to our clients’ teams. Ikelos is the god of fulfilled dreams. We are pleased if at the end of a successful project both our clients’ and our candidates’ expectations come to fruition.


We are a boutique Executive Search company in Hungary using individually agreed methods to serve our clients. We spend ample time to understand specific requirements of the search. An already  well-known experienced consult leads the project during the whole process. Therefore most of our clients are recurring who solve their upcoming management vacancies with our support.


Our mission is to find those candidates who  best fit our clients’ company culture.

Ikelosz team

György Kobelrausch

Executive search consultant, CIC, Coach

2 decades C-level management experience at multinational companies

Dr. Klára Görög

Life Sciences Expert, Executive Search Consultant

Medical Doctor, worked for leading pharmaceutical companies in management positions for 2 decades

Edit Merkler

FMCG Executive Search Consultant

Spent more than 12 years at Red Bull. She has an extensive network in the FMCG sector.

Our customers